Looking for being a dealer?

Looking for a brand that treats you like a business partner and works with you every day to grow your business?

If so, we will tell you why we are your best ally:

>> Anti Status Quo: we are a brand by cyclists, for cyclists. We come from the world of top-level competition and understand cycling in a way that goes far beyond numbers. We are passionate and non-conformist, humble and hard-working, and we want our partners to share our values.

>> We have 10 years of solid track record and a presence in more than 33 countries.

>> We produce high performance bicycles and products created based on the needs of cyclists. Our bicycles are built with first class components and materials and with a customization program that makes each product unique and exclusive.

>> Brand and marketing support for new distributors, in addition to a great job of positioning in the market.

>> Warranty service and customer service formed by a close team of professionals. You will always find support and solutions to your problems, if any.

>> Sales only through distributors network; we have been relying on our stores network for 10 years, we do not sell directly to the final consumer.

>> We share our production plans and give you visibility on availability, stock, production windows, etc. In addition, you will have a powerful b2b tool with which you will be able to easily track your orders in detail, avoiding to offer products with uncertain delivery date.

If all these arguments make sense to you and motivate you, contact us and join Berria's dealer network. For us it will be an honor to have you in our team, we invite you to grow and pedal together.

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