We are experts in carbon technology. Using the latest manufacturing techniques and innovative thinking with the highest-grade materials, our engineers are focussed on developing the fastest, lightest and most complete solutions that drive real racing performance.


HM2X carbon is constructed using T700 and T800 Toray high-modulus fibres.

Used strategically across key frame areas, this dual blend of carbon material is laid up to produce an optimal combination of stiffness while also prioritising comfort.


HM3X carbon features three types of high-modulus carbon fibres: Toray T700 and T800, and Toray T1000.

The inclusion of T1000 fibres improves the golden stiffness-to-weight ratio, making it a perfect material for the highest performance bikes.

Our engineers apply these fibres in unique orientations that boost lateral rigidity without sacrificing ride quality and handling.


HMR2X carbon uses a specific blend of high modulus Toray T800 and ultra high-modulus Toray M55J fibres.

Together with carefully chosen resin, this carbon mix can yield incredibly high structural strength without adding excess weight to the overall system.


UHM3X carbon is our highest-grade construction, used in specific areas of our framesets to achieve the highest levels of stiffness and low weight.

It's composed of high-modulus Toray T800 and T1000 and ultra high-modulus Toray M55J fibres, which are harnessed to fine-tune our bike's outstanding handling and behavioural characteristics.


To deal with the additional forces and high-frequency vibrations that a motor and battery system exert on a carbon frameset, we use MACH-R Nanotech resin.

This special resin bonds the Toray fibres of HM2X carbon together, providing the superior mechanical strength required for an electric motorised frame, improving frame strength, resilience and long-term lifespan.


Textreme carbon technology is a carbon fabric which is laid up in rows rather than the traditional interwoven patterns.

The rows are pressed together in a process known as 'Spread Tow', reducing the amount of resin needed for the same structural strength.

Textreme is regarded as one of the most premium carbon technologies currently available in bike frame manufacture, and is used exclusively in our BR-line Belador and Mako bikes, for riders seeking the very highest performance.

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