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We exist to produce the highest quality performance bikes for every rider who demands the best.

We honour our rider’s dedication by infusing our own passion for excellence into every product we make.

We stand alongside our riders on their journey, breaking through and achieving the extraordinary… together.

We stand by eight core values:

1. A True Passion

When you commit to us, we commit to you. Completely. Like you, we are riders at heart, applying the same passion in your cycling as we do our own.

2. Full Dedication

We believe that anything is possible with hard work and commitment to our goals. We approach each challenge with the will to win, dedicated to finding innovative solutions that bring our riders performance.

3. Bonded By Teamwork

We are more than the sum of our parts. Just like in the professional peloton, our success depends on the fortunes of the team. We listen, we think, we push forward together as we continue to innovate and create unique high performance products.

4. Our Racing Heritage

Racing and the thrill of the ride is in our blood. We know what it takes to achieve glory - to feel what it’s like to sweat on an Alpine climb, to rip up a singletrack run, to throw your arms aloft in triumph. We understand the sacrifices that you make every day to be the best version of yourselves, and we’re proud to share your journey with you.

5. Fierce Independence

We choose to be independent, so that we can think freely. We pride ourselves on our unique relationships with our riders, our colleagues, our partners, and we’re unafraid to go against the grain so that we can work together, better. It’s all about providing a special experience every time you ride a Berria.

6. Our Connection To You

Whether you love the road, adore the trails or live for the adventure, we’re connected. Why? Because we are cyclists, just like you. We know the sacrifice and suffering it takes to be the best rider you can be, but we also know the thrill and exhilaration of success.

7. Our Connection To The World

We are guardians of our planet. Our products are tools for performance, but they’re also the keys to explore beyond. Our riders seek the toughest climbs, the gnarliest descents, and sometimes the path less travelled - it’s up to all of us to embrace and protect it. The commitment to preserve our environment is our blood.

8. Unrivalled Expectations

We challenge ourselves every day to beat our own expectations - to deliver more. We go the extra mile, never satisfied with the standard or status quo. Every day is a chance. A chance to improve, a chance to excel. We embrace it.

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