The gravel designed to conquer any terrain

We ride a bike to feel free, to let our minds go blank, to enjoy the place and the moment we are living. With the new Berria Allroad all this is easier to achieve.

A feather-light, maintenance-free suspension system

The advantages of the softex system on the Allroad are obvious compared to traditional gravel bikes.

  • In the 45mm position (factory setting) it will make the Allroad more stable.

  • In the 51mm position it will improve agility on corner entry and is ideal for very twisty terrain at the expense of losing ride stability.

  • The Allroad's lightweight frame, efficient suspension system and responsive geometry make for an agile ride.

  • Its Allroad Evo full carbon fork is gravel-specific, with Dynamic+ technology, offering versatility in terms of riding style and terrain.

Handle the Allroad comfortably and stably on loose and rough terrain with the gravel-specific Avanforce Airone GR carbon or Avanforce 3 Gravel aluminium handlebars. The choice is yours.

Make your experience more comfortable

Allroad comes ready for you to mount a lightweight bike packing on its top tube and up to two bottle cages in all sizes.