Introducing the new bravo

The evolution and revolution of hardtrail bikes

Einstein said that the more energy a body projects, the greater its curvature. Just like the frame of the new Bravo, which flexes to provide greater efficiency, stability and traction to the bike, exploiting the rider's abilities to the full.

Lightness and power in unison

The performance has been adapted and optimised for different frame sizes, adapting the angles, the point of gravity and the measurements to the best performance and behaviour of the rider-bike combination.

Triple Monocoque

The frame construction process involves the baking of three separate parts, the front triangle mould, the chainstay mould and the seat stay mould. This technique gives greater performance to the frame as a whole.

Progressive and reactive geometry

The modern geometry of the new Bravo exalts the qualities of the SOFTEX suspension system, its super short chainstays of only 420mm and a steeper caster angle (67.5° in size M) are just the apex of the bike's deep development and focus on performance.