We have compiled the most frequently asked questions that we receive from the Customer Service Department.


What is Berria's bicycle warranty policy?

There is a LEGAL WARRANTY of 3 years for the first owner, and a LIFETIME COMMERCIAL WARRANTY, by registering your bicycle with REGISTRA TU BERRIA, which guarantees manufacturing defects extending for 6 years at the end of the legal warranty. Without this registration, the Berria Commercial Warranty will have no effect. However, the warranty will only be valid if proof of maintenance can be presented to an authorized Berria dealer for each of the years after purchase. The authorized Berria dealer is required to confirm the maintenance work by stamping and signing the maintenance card (WARRANTY CARD) or invoice. If no or incomplete proof of annual maintenance can be presented, the frame warranty is reduced to 3 years. The costs for maintenance and service are to be borne by the owner of the bicycle.

Why do I have to register my bike?

Registering your bike allows you to enjoy exclusive advantages from Berria. In the warranty policy you will find all the details of the LIFETIME COMMERCIAL WARRANTY. See warranty policy. This registration will make it easier for us to contact you in the event of upgrades or replacements. We will also keep you informed of the latest news and events related to the world of Berria.

How do I register my bike?

You must enter here (REGISTER YOUR BERRIA) and register an account, entering your contact email and creating a password. You must fill in the fields with your details and click on REGISTER ME. You will receive an e-mail reminder with the password you have chosen. Once you have completed this first step you must click on REGISTER YOUR BERRIA and enter: your bicycle serial number (bar code located under the diagonal tube of the bicycle), indicating the date of purchase, details of the authorized Berria dealer and answer a few simple questions, accepting the conditions, and once the process is complete you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

I bought a second-hand bike, does the warranty still apply?

Berria grants the legal warranty and lifetime commercial warranty always to the first original owner.

If I buy a second-hand bike, what guarantee do I have?

All second-hand products sold at an Authorised Berria Dealer are covered by the legal guarantee established by the Law on Guarantees and for a period agreed by mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller. This warranty is the sole responsibility of the seller. According to the law, for the purchase/sale of second-hand bikes the seller must cover a 6-month warranty period to the buyer. The lifetime warranty is to the first buyer and ceases to be valid once the bike has been sold for the second time.

What do I do when I discover a crack or a problem with my bike?

The way to proceed is to go directly to the official Berria dealer where the bicycle was purchased.

The dealer will take care of the arrangements and communications with the Berria Factory.

What happens when I claim a warranty?

When you make a warranty claim, your authorized Berria dealer will send the claim to Berria's Customer Service Department, who are responsible for analyzing the incident and providing a solution.

If it falls within the warranty conditions, we will carry out the repair or order a replacement so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.


What is the difference between HMX, HM2X and Textreme frames?

If you go to the TECHNOLOGIES section in the Berria Racing Project section of our website, you can see the differences between the different carbons used to make the frames, which leads to better results with Textreme carbon in the torques of the headset, rear chainstay and bottom bracket, as well as lighter weight.

Can a damaged Berria carbon frame be repaired?

Berria does not offer any repair service for carbon bicycle frames. If the carbon of the bicycle is damaged or damaged, we recommend that it should not be repaired as it could be damaged more than can be seen on visual inspection. For this reason, Berria offers the BERRIA LIABILITY PROGRAMME, through which you can replace and purchase a new frame at an exceptional price. To do this you must go to your nearest official Berria dealer.

How much does my bike weigh?

As you can see we list the weight of the bike, which requires you to bear in mind that there are tolerances when manufacturing components and frames. Anyway, what is really important is that you go to your nearest official Berria dealer to see and feel the bike for yourself. Compare it with other similar bikes in the shop, get on it and take it for a spin. We offer you BERRIA TEST, where you will find the models of bicycles that you can test at authorized Berria dealers.

There are many variables to evaluate the purchase of your next Berria bicycle (design, style, material, quality, construction, finish, price...). And although weight is important it is not the only one to make the right decision, proof of this is the BGC (Berria Geometry Concept) and Berria 3G concept, Berria innovations that demonstrate that the performance obtained is better with the combination of certain parameters and components, and therefore, not only in a matter of grams.

Which bike size is right for me?

We know that it is basic and important to get the right size for your bike. To determine the right size for your Berria, several variables related to your anatomy, such as flexibility or personal anthropometry, can have an influence.

To make sure you get the right size, in each product sheet on the website you will find an informative table in the SIZE section.

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you visit an authorized Berria dealer, who will advise you on the correct choice of size. Our distributors have a lot of experience to ensure that it is correctly adjusted to your specific characteristics.

I want to fit bigger tyres on my bike, what is the biggest tyre I can fit?

Berria recommends the original tires to obtain optimum results in terms of performance and performance. Any wheel change made by the owner or retailer will exonerate Berria from the consequences of its installation, even cancelling Berria's legal guarantee and lifetime commercial guarantee. In this regard, under the owner's responsibility, we recommend that there be a 3 to 4 mm gap between the tyre and the rear triangle on both sides, so that there is sufficient clearance in muddy conditions. You should check the actual width of the tyre, as measurements and indications may vary from one manufacturer to another.

Is it possible to buy replacement stickers for my bike frame?

For copyright reasons, they cannot be purchased.

Is it possible to purchase touch-up paint for the paintings?

Berria does not offer touch-up painting or repainting for used frames.

How can I get information about the details of my suspension fork and shock absorber?

You can find the information and manuals on the manufacturers' websites. You can also ask your authorized Berria dealer about these manuals.

Does Berria offer specific spare parts?

Yes, so please contact your nearest authorized Berria dealer.

Where can I find information on products from previous years?

You can easily find the previous product catalogues on our link PREVIOUS MODELS


How do I contact Berria?

If you have any questions, you can contact your official distributor or you can contact us at the following e-mail address: info@berria-racing.com

Where is the nearest official distributor?

In order to locate the nearest official distributor to your home, use the distributor finder, which you will find in the following link LOCATE YOUR DISTRIBUTOR.

Where can I test a Berria model near me?

There are two ways to try a Berria bike, for which you should go to TEST BERRIA, where you will easily find the authorized Berria dealers who have models to try at their points of sale. Contact your authorized Berria dealer to find out how you can try a bike.

Or, in the tests planned by Berria in the TEST DAYS BERRIA RIDE calendar.

What do I have to do to become an authorised Berria dealer?

Send your request to the sales department by sending an e-mail to the Berria sales department (info@berria-racing.com).

What is the data protection policy?

Here you will find the data protection policy

What do I have to do to work at Berria?

Send us your open application via the contact web form.

How can I contact you for information on sponsorship or team support?

For support to local teams, you should contact your distributor for possible actions already underway.

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