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Berria Bikes was born in 2012, the brainchild of brothers José and David Vitoria. But as with any story worth telling, there is more than meets the eye.

Berria’s history began over a century ago - its very existence traceable to a three-generation family line in which the bicycle has been used as a tool to achieve.

The brother’s grandfather, Miguel, first unlocked the power of the humble bicycle during the Spanish Civil War, regularly smuggling dozens of kilos of olive oil for hundreds of kilometres across rural Spain.

Their father followed Miguel's bike riding example, embracing two wheels as a local racer. It was during this time that the name ‘Berria’ was born - a nickname bestowed to the brothers’ father after he became infamous for drafting Barreiros trucks on his training rides.

And so, it was only natural that José and David should follow the family line, both succeeding in making it to the professional ranks by demonstrating the hard graft and determination that has come to characterise their family.

José - the elder brother - embodies the passion and spirit of cyclists the world over. A fan, professional cyclist, and connoisseur of cycling culture, he spent his childhood wide-eyed and hungry to learn about its rich history, obsessed with how bikes work as performance machines.

David, meanwhile, made it to the very top of the sport, racing on the road for Phonak, BMC Racing, Rock Racing and Footon-Servetto, as well as representing Switzerland, the country of his birth. His ability to push a bike to its limit in the crucible of pro racing uncovered a deep understanding of where the boundaries of human performance exist - of where we can be better.

With David competing at the highest level, and José a racer at heart and a student of the history of cycling and the craft of bike design, the very foundations of Berria have been laid upon a core of cycling passion, hard work and unique insight that drives real, meaningful innovation in every one of its products.

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