lt all started many years ago with Miguel, the Vitoria brothers' grandfather, who used his bicycle to transpor over 80kg of olive oil riding hundreds of kilometers every night through rural Spain. David and José's father, José senior, followed in his footsteps by becoming a regional racer. With him the "Berria" name was born. lt was a nickname he was given after he became well known for riding behind the Barreiros trucks while training. lt has been 10 years since Berria created its first bike, the Belador, and the Belador BR Unlimited is a tribute to that decade in production. 


The Belador BR Unlimited, our flagship Belador, is the result of a relentless, decade-long, pursuit of perfection. This limited and numbered series of just 10 bikes makes each one an instant collector´s item. The Belador BR Unlimited is a bike which is ushering in a new era for Berria. As well as being the latest iteration of our classic road bike - where power, lightness, control and design have come together in perfect synergy - it is also the very first model to showcase Berria´s new brand identity

"We are proud of our first 10 years in existence and have achived some incredible things during that time. As we enter our second decade, we want to propel the Berria brand into a new dimension, making it even stronger by continuing our pursuit of excellence and using our cutting-edge desing and technology to produce the very best bikes".

David Vitoria. CEO.


This highly limited version of the Belador BR Unlimited is a fast, light and responsive road bike. its frame, fork and handlebars are made from Berria´s innovative HM3X carbon, and its wheels and groupset are produced by Campagnolo, one of cycling´s most historic and exclusive brands. This perfect blend of technology and cuting-edge desing makes the BR Unlimited the best, most unique, and most exclusive Belador we´ve ever produced.


Only 10 Belador BR Unlimited bikes have been produced, each one hand-painted in gold and matte black colours. The gold represents the soul and history of the brand - the passion for competition and excellence - while the matte black evokes elegance and professionalism.

This exlusive model comes individually numbered on the top tube and signed by José Vitoria, father of founders David and José.

The bike features the logo of Locarno, the hometown of David and José, and the genesis of Berria´s history. José senior raced for the club based in the city and the founding brothers started and cultivated their cycling careers there.

The frame features the 10th anniversary logo, the result of two design concepts inspired by the Swiss flag and Roman numerals, which portrays the historical nature of the bike in a pure, sleed and elegant way.

David, one of Berria´s founders, represented Switzerland at both the European and World Road Championships and was a two-time medalist at the Swiss Time Trial Championship.


The Belador BR Unlimited´s frame weighs just 820g and is made of Berria´s HM3X carbon. This state-of-the-art composite incorporates a reinforced Mach R resin, allowing for highly efficient power transfer between rider and bike.

Berria Blade BR 5 fork, 5 SP seatpost and Avanforce Integral handlebars are also made from that innovative HM3X composite. The Belador BR Unlimited is a world-class bike with incredible attention to detail.

"10 years of innovation, passion, dedication and perseverance have created a bicycle capable of sparking admiration and inspiration all over the world".

José Vitoria. Global Product Manager.

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