Our Active Stay Technology increases vertical flexion of the seat stays without compromising the necessary rigidity for a responsive ride.The result is maximised traction and ride compliance over the toughest terrain, with direct transfer of power translating into more speed.

The 3BS technique is based on the hydroforming process. The tubes are pressed and then pressurized to achieve variable wall thicknesses along the span. The technology ensures a good stiffness to strength ratio without compromising the weight of the final product.

Aero Shape Efficiency represents the most advanced calculus in modern road bicycles. The subtle balance between competition's needs such as a light structure, low coeficient drag profiles and an excellent dynamic behavior. Computational dynamics have led us to design new sophisticated sections and perfectly integrated profiles between frame, fork, wheels and the cockpit, leading to a conceived single assembly in order to achieve a higher level of performance.

EPS is the inner core made of a self-formulated polystyrene that acts by expanding inside the frame during the curing phase.During this process, the temperature and pressure are controlled to guarantee the carbon compaction process in its different zones. This innovative system allows optimal carbon stratification and the elimination of excess resin. With EPS you get a high quality frame with a compact, strengthful and lightweight structure.

HM2X carbon is engineered using T700 and T800 Toray intermediate-modulus fibres.Used strategically across key frame areas, this dual blend of carbon material is laid up to produce an optimal combination of stiffness while also prioritising comfort.

HM3X carbon features three types of high-modulus carbon fibres: Toray T700 and T800, and Toray T1100G.The inclusion of T1100G fibres improves the golden stiffness-to-weight ratio, making it a perfect material for the highest performance bikes.Our engineers apply these fibres in unique orientations that boost lateral rigidity without sacrificing ride quality and handling.

HMR2X carbon uses a specific blend of high modulus Toray T800 and ultra high-modulus Toray M55J fibres.Together with carefully chosen resin, this carbon mix can yield incredibly high structural strength without adding excess weight to the overall system.

The completely internal ICS2 wiring system achieves unbeatable integration and aesthetics, as well as protecting the system against all external agents that may affect its functionality.

The IN-LINK suspension system allows to integrate the shock absorber, inverted with trunnion mount, inside the front triangle, with a SAG indicator on the left side of the frame and access for its adjustment and manipulation. Thanks to a patented cover located on the front face of the opening on the frame.This integration not only results in better protection of the shock absorber against mud or dust, but also takes advantage of an improved mass distribution and a lower bike centre of gravity, which increases stability, especially at high speeds.

To deal with the additional forces and high-frequency vibrations that a motor and battery system exert on a carbon frameset, we use MACH-R Nanotech resin.This special resin bonds the Toray fibres of HM2X carbon together, providing the superior mechanical strength required for an electric motorised frame, improving frame strength, resilience and long-term lifespan.

Monocoque technology makes the front triangle in a single piece using a specific curing protocol and internal mold sliders made of different special grade steel. This technology is used to achieve frames where strength, lightness and rigidity prevail.

The 1.5 -1.5 oversized steering system increases the rigidity of the head tube, providing more precise and safer driving, increasing stability when cornering.

The SOFTEX suspension system opens a new category between a Hardtail and a Full suspension bike. The first component of the system is TIBIA, a compliant carbon seat post that absorbs the small bumps across the road acting as a damper. On the other hand we have the Active Seat Stay (ASS), it is a mechanism based on sectioned shaped Seat Stays and Chain Stays with integrated bearings that together with an engineered supple Lay up helps the rider to go through rough terrain faster. All the elements mixed together will extract a total vertical travel of 28mm giving an extended comfort and higher absorption compared to a regular Hardtail bike.

The T47 Bottom Bracket standard has been optimized through years, arriving at a solid lightweight solution, leading to an improved overall pedalling stiffness of the frame and almost zero maintenance or noise compared to the predecessors such as BB86.

The triple mould curing system is nowadays the best in tech that provides the greatest results in terms of carbon finish. Dividing the frameset by Front Triangle, Chain stays and Seat stays molds the final product achieves an optimal pressed carbon which leads to a perfect weight to stiffness weight ratio products.

UHM3X carbon is our highest quality construction, used in specific areas of our frames to achieve the highest levels of stiffness and low weight.It is composed of high modulus Toray T800 and T1100G fibers and ultra-high modulus Toray M55J fibers, which are used to fine-tune the excellent handling and behavior characteristics of our bicycle.

Y-LINK, the custom suspension system for Stratos, develops 160mm of travel and has unsurpassed traction capacity, as well as great handling thanks to the 27.5” tire on the rear wheel.The Y-LINK system damper adjustment is specific to STRATOS kinematics; Anticipating a sensitive, progressive and precise system, it achieves an incredible absorption capacity against large and small impacts together with an exceptional harmony in its operation, transmitting driving confidence and total control when braking.At the same time, the Y-LINK suspension has been developed to ride on all types of terrain and thanks to its neutral Anti-squat, it will allow you to face flat or uphill sections with maximum comfort and dynamism.